ANS split 7"

by Reproach

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SxHxO records
Gnarly Slaughter records


released January 1, 2008

Recorded 2007 @ Studio 195 by Patrick.
All songs + lyrics by Reproach.


all rights reserved



Reproach Ghent, Belgium


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Track Name: you deserve it
fucking told you so
the dumb shit that you do
you had it coming
it's my turn to laugh
seeing you hurt gives me pleasure
it's your own fault
you flushed it down the drain

put a smile on my face
to know you feel like shit
it made day
to know that you're sad

what goes around
comes around
Track Name: skateboarding saves
too much shit – deal with it
grab my board – need to skate

eating concrete – love the pain
I feel alive more then anything else
Track Name: the fallout
warheads fly – gonna fry
devastation – skin burns away
this is the end – of everything
wiped away in a flash
mushroom cloud – last thing we’ll see
last thing we’ll see

choking on the ashes – the fallout seals our fate
Track Name: onward to destruction
thinking we're so fucking smart
thinking that we know it all

we'll pay our arrogance with our own blood
no one will survive

rotting bodies, burned down cities
mankind ain't worth shit

and we'll harvest what we sowed

onward to destruction
Track Name: the L.A.P.D. can suck it
stupid fucking cops
we're finishing our set
nightstick up your ass
flashlight in my fucking face

Asshole Parade can't play
because those fucking pigs
donut eating motherfuckers
stay the fuck away
Track Name: kicked in the teeth
so after 3 years you find out that you're missing certain things?
got my hopes up high and got kicked in the fucking teeth

I won't be there for you anymore, I am fucking done

turned into a memory and it hurts

lost enough sleep already
it's time to turn the page
Track Name: family shooting
kids are shot, wife strangled
too much fucking pressure
you go insane, you fall apart
“what will the neighbours think?”

all these standards to live up to
white picket fence turns red
the neighbourhood is shocked
“and he was such a nice guy”
Track Name: fuck us all
the world is getting crazier
day after day
and i just can't handle it
all this shit stresses me out

it's getting too much for me

push the button
end it all
neutron bomb
fuck us all

when will the madness end?

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