IS WHAT IT IS p​.​p.

by Reproach

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Deep Six records
Wolfpack records


released January 1, 2006

Recorded February 2004 @ Studio 195 by Patrick.
All songs + lyrics by Reproach.


all rights reserved



Reproach Ghent, Belgium


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Track Name: shove my fucking face in it
shove my fucking face in it
all what I’ll never have
all what I’ll never be
I’m about to fucking break

I spent enough time in my room, alone
hating people like you. I will have my revenge

tear your perfect world apart
wipe that smile right off your face
who the fuck is laughing now?
who’s laughing now?
Track Name: skate and destroy
I’ve had it – with all this cute shit
long live ugly skulls – let’s fucking shred!
pieces of shit – riding their boards
skatanarchy – destroy!

skate skate skate
skate and destroy!

fuck all you posers
skaters don’t retire
they fucking die!
Track Name: acid rain
too much fucking industry
will lead us to our dead
people are killed in the name of profit
polluted soil, chemical dump
we live on very top of it

eat and breathe it every day
groundwater contaminated
forests filled with dead trees
wasteland cold and grey

graveyards are full with people
who just did their jobs
“it’s harmless” – we heard it all before
incubation sickness
it’s too late
it’s too fucking late
Track Name: Overpelt up in flames
try to hold me down
stupid fucking town
redneck attitude, close minded views

Overpelt up in flames and all the jerks with it

some things never change
fucked up shitty place
nothing to see, nothing to do
Track Name: boiling inside
too much shit inside my head
I am losing my fucking mind
heart pounding – head hurting
I am gonna fucking snap
Track Name: dead by dawn
it came from the woods
it got all my friends
then it went after me
my hand got possessed
I cut it off
and chopped my girlfriend to pieces

dead by dawn

I’ll swallow your soul
Track Name: switch it off
the walls are closing in on me
trapped inside myself
I am sick of the way I feel
I want this to end

sick of feeling alone
sick of feeling like shit
I want to switch my mind off
I want this to fucking end
Track Name: is what it is
ripping apart the concrete
tearing down everything in sight
this is what drives me
this is why I live

is what it is

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