by Reproach

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Deep Six records
Crew For Life records
Crapoulet records


released September 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Reproach Ghent, Belgium


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Track Name: ...and for what
sixty five years old, with a broken back
wrote you off, put you by the trash

thank you, goodbye
you served us well, now you can fuck off and die

they sucked the life right out of you

sixty five years old, with a broken back
smiled and obeyed, every single day

hated your life and for what?
hated your life - for what?
Track Name: scare tactics
fear sells and we're all buying
afraid of him
afraid of her
afraid of them
don't come near me
afraid of me!

fear, fear
trapped in a climate of fear
fear, fear
scare tactics
Track Name: from birth
indoctrinated minds
destined to be blind

sin, fear and guilt
like a deadweight pulling us down
religious infection
diseased from birth

force fed this bullshit from day one
no choice – no choice
like lambs to the slaughter
no choice – no choice

I don’t need salvation
nor an afterlife
keep that nonsense away from me
feeble minds caught up in lies
fuck you
and fuck your god
Track Name: dig it
start to die
the moment we’re born
that’s reality
that’s reality

we’re all digging our own graves
each and every one of us
each and every single day

inch closer
to being
six foot deep

ashes to ashes – dust till dust
ashes to ashes – maggot food

think you won’t go?
make no illusion
Track Name: geen gevaar voor volksgezondheid
geen gevaar voor volksgezondheid
dat is nooit / het geval
we rotten vanbinnen weg / darmen en al

eet nog wat dioxine koei
voor wie gade stemmen? - "voor de goei"

ze spelen met ons leven - voor geld voor geld
we worden vergiftigd - maak meer winst!

fucking klootzakken - nooit iets aan de hand
allemaal gaan we kapot

in dit apeland
Track Name: zombie apocalypse
days turn into night
an endless fucking fight
hordes of zombies roam the earth
out for your brains

we’re armed to the teeth
take ‘em down
let them eat lead
off with their heads

the military is swamped
by this plague
I guess we’re on our own
scavenging food and supplies
in cities reduced to ruins

oh fuck

zombie apocalypse
zombie apocalypse
Track Name: constant pressure
constant under pressure
driving me insane
try to interfere
tell me what to do

how to act
how to live
fuck that shit
get the fuck away

I feel my skull cracking
Track Name: it came from above
keep your eyes on the sky, this is how we’re gonna die
messenger of death, coming from up high

nowhere to run, no where is safe
civilization down in flames
the air turns poison, can’t even breathe

wiped out, death from above
eternal darkness, sun turns black

mutants feasting on the living, cannibalized
not if… but when?

wiped out, death from above
eternal darkness, sun turns black
Track Name: hopeless
A hopeless generation
with anger and disgust
fucked up in the head

break ourselves into pieces
day by day

every day
‘till there’s nothing left
of who we are
and what we could have been


they fuck with our minds
smile in front of our face
but their filthy fingers are crossed behind their backs

marching towards a bleak fucking future
Track Name: kneel down
kneel down, kneel down at the altar
open wide for the body of Christ

bless me father - get away with it

the shepherds are wolves
showing their true face
disciples of hypocrisy
let the children come to me

bless me father - get away with it

they fucking get away with it

it’s a systematic cover up
all hail the lord
it’s a systematic cover up
in the shadow of the holy cross
Track Name: bailing out
I’m bailing out of this cancer town
Where boredom reigns supreme
Sick of this small town mentality
Sick of this small town negativity

Nothing ever happens
Nothing ever will
It’s a lost cause
I’m off this sinking ship

Goodbye, farewell
To this shit town I used to call home
Away from this desperation, desolation, isolation

I’m bailing out of this cancer town
Where boredom reigns supreme
Track Name: is this it?
rotting away
human waste

can't stand the sight of it
my stomach turns

on top of the foodchain
retarted and braindead
worthless species

not worth saving

is this our evolution?
is this fucking it?
is this why we struggle?
this worthless
Track Name: bleed for the cause
doesn't solve any problems
gotta do it anyway
skate as hard as i can
forget my worries

the cause

doesn't solve any problems
i gotta do it anyway
built up aggression
i need my relieve
i need to
let it all out

skate untill my mind is free
Track Name: Tsar Bomba
fifty megatons of mass destruction
makes Little Boy looks like a joke

annihilate for Mother Russia
annihilate the whole damn planet

nuclear fuckshit of a magnitude never seen before

arms race till the bitter end

the bitter end

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