by Reproach

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Tape version is out on Lost Youth records (Belgium)
7" out on Deep Six (US), Awesome Vision (Belgium), Crapoulet (France)
CD version released by Crew For Life (Japan)


released September 1, 2015

recorded and mixed february 2015 by Nico "KrevetNoiseTerror" Vedts at Majestic Underground
mastered by Daniel at North London Bomb Factory
artwork and layout by Nicky Rat


all rights reserved



Reproach Ghent, Belgium


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Track Name: to the grave
these men get angrier, day after day
year after year

‘cause now we see
that this is life
and this is all it will be


from the cradle
to the grave
Track Name: reality overdose
unable to deal with the shitstorm that is coming our way
the unbearable noise
of this crumbling world

reality overdose - unable to escape
reality overdose - nowhere to hide

I close my eyes, try to block it all out

I close my eyes, try to calm my mind

human filth, race to the bottom
Track Name: last days
the last days are upon us
living on borrowed time
the last days are upon us
born into
a rotten world

had more than we can handle
took more than we could
chemicals hurt my eyes
it’s getting harder to breathe
every single day
every single day - another step to the end

the last days upon us

we are shit - out of luck
Track Name: they never were
nostalgia, like eating glass
the “good old days”, they never were
stuck in the past, stuck in shit
I had my dose of sentiment

waste of time
waste of mind

the good old days, they never fucking were
Track Name: not for me
I want to stick my eyes out with a pen
can’t stand to see this world anymore
smash my brains out with my board
sick of dealing with idiots

no more stupid people
no more stupid society
no more stupid world

not for me, not for me

it’s just not for me
Track Name: despair / shittown
born under the watchful eye
of church and state
under the shadow of the tower
this is your destiny

who knows what goes on behind closed doors
and happy smiles

factories spew toxins in the air
this is your destiny
do as we do, do as we say

hopes and dreams come here to die

you’ll never make it out alive

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